The International Theatre and Literacy Project use theatre as a means of social and educational uplift for children and teen-agers struggling with the challenges of poverty, crime, violence and inequality in developing countries throughout the world.

ITLP conducts theatre workshops to teach English, develop independent thinking, self-empowerment and gender equity. We strive to help young people advance their educational and employment opportunities and nurture their voices as leaders to enable growth, change and community development.

The International Theatre & Literacy Project (ITLP) inspires children in the developing world to discover their internal strength and personal power through theatre workshops that change the trajectory of their lives, fostering a new kind of leadership in their own community and country.

The generous support of dedicated volunteers and caring donors enables us to bring our important work to an increasing number of countries across Africa and Asia, giving children and young people a voice worldwide.

Program Impact

Assessments of the teaching process and students’ progress have demonstrated the impact of the ITLP program in the following areas of learning:

For the students

  • Empower them to be articulate and confident citizens of the world
  • Improve their capacity to read, write and speak English
  • Cultivate their imaginations and nurture creative self-expression
  • Foster independent thinking and develop alternatives for problem solving
  • Build positive self-esteem
  • Explore important issues such as gender equity in progressive modern life.


For the teachers

  • Empower them to use drama to create richer and more effective learning
  • Provide them with the skills to create original student written plays
  • Support their ability to sustain and develop these new skills.


In the words of an ITLP 2007 graduate, Rhidione Juma, who just received his acceptance into the 2012 East African Leadership Program:

"Thank you very much for your congrats! I always appreciate your contribution to my life. ITLP has played a very big role into exposing me to the world.

I understand that without ITLP and you I could not get a chance to meet the people I met in my life. ITLP gave me exposure, experience and confidence to interact with people of any race and culture.

When I was in the interview room, I was asked the question-- how will I contribute to the leadership program? I told them my experience about the ITLP and they all appreciated!"


Learn more about ITLP’s history and what we do and study the ITLP Blueprint for TAs which sets out target learning indicators for first- and second-year students in the areas of acting & performance skills, creative writing and social & process skills.