Bali 2010



ITLP accented the "I" for "International" in 2010. An ITLP team traveled to Bali, Indonesia from August 18 through September 7 for a pilot theatre arts project with young teens in a remote village north of Ubud.

This was the culmination of our partnership with the Bali Children’s Project.

Marianna Houston and ITLP Teaching Artists Jeanette Horn and Kerry Glamsch worked with 45 students for two weeks, creating original performances of poems, dances and songs, which were presented to the community.

We were visited by Carlos Fittante, an exceptional modern dancer from the USA who has studied Balinese dance for 6 years. He was an ITLP guest artist for a day of workshops with the 45 Balinese students.


Read poems Balinese Students wrote in response to Carlos’ class: 

Carlos Dancing

You are like the morning dew on the surface of my skin
There is a new opening of my eyes.
I want you to keep this morning dew all my days
Though I know you will not be here
Come and dampen my self
Every morning.


Your movement is so
Beautiful and pretty.
So all eyes are
On you
And you can make everyone
Dance you're melting my heart and soul

Rama Dance

When I dance Rama
I feel like a hero
I feel I have power
In face, a huge power.
I can move free, jump and run
With my power –
I am strong!
Dance is Wonderful