ITLP at Camp Treetops 2011

Elias and Esther with camp director Karen Culpepper

ITLP’s partnership with Camp Treetops, a residential summer camp for boys and girls ages 8-14 in the Adirondack Mountains outside Lake Placid, NY, continued in 2011. The ITLP Nowicki Scholarship was awarded to Esther Timotheo and Elias Goodluck, both ITLP graduates from the Tanzanian middle school, St. Margarets Academy. Esther and Elias attended Camp Treetops for seven weeks and loved every minute – and were loved by the campers and staff.

Volunteer Hannah J. Edwards describes their experience as follows:

“I was fortunate enough to see Ester and Elias at various points along their journey, from their arrival at JFK, packing their suitcases for summer camp, on the bus up to Camp Treetops and their first few meals with the camp community; three weeks into camp at Visitors Day; and at the end of their stay, and their departure from the NYC.

Over the course of these weeks, I saw them grow into expressive, talkative, comfortable-in-their-own-skin young people and it was such a joy! And I know that both Elias and Esther brought so much joy to their Treetops family. Ester referred to Karen, the camp director, as “Mom” and Elias repeatedly told me that John, his counselor, was like a father to him. There were many tears when Ester and Elias departed and I hope that this experience, made possible through the generosity of all of the folks at ITLP, will have a lasting effect on them – I know that they’ve made an important and lasting impression on all of us!”

Esther explained how her summer at Camp Treetops had impacted her life deeply:

“In my life, I… never thought that one day I will go out of my country and come to the USA. I enjoyed the part of my life at Camp Treetops. One… thing that I gained from camp is how to be in a community. This experience made me feel happy and comfortable because we all know that… a small percent of life is made by only one person, a bigger percent of life is made in a community.”

Elias added, that these had been

“the most… fun, happiest seven weeks I have ever had… Tanzania doesn’t have summer camp, [but] now I know how to stay with other people besides my parents and I am experienced in riding, playing soccer, table manners, wood-related things, clay, crafts, hiking, basketball, piano, guitar - and got many friends… I know that this experience here will help me forever anywhere in my life I will travel.”

Photos from 2011 coming soon.

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