Tanzania 2006



Extending the 2005 pilot program to two new schools, ITLP returned to Tanzania in the summer of 2006. A team of noted American theatre artists and educators conducted three two-week playwriting and theatre workshops for 60 secondary school students at The Akeri School, Nshupu School and Nkoanrua School in the Arusha area of Tanzania.

The workshops culminated in a series of performances of three original plays written and performed by the students for the village communities.

Teaching Artists:

   Annie Houston - actress, arts educator
   David Gonzalez - storyteller, poet, arts educator
   Jeanette Horn - veteran ITLP teaching artist, actress, director, writer, arts educator
   Jennifer Holmes - (intern) actress, arts educator
   Marianna Houston - actress, playwright, arts educator
   Russell Granet - actor, theatre arts professor, arts educator
   Stephen DiMenna - director, arts educator
   Zakiyyah Alexander - playwright, actress, arts educator