Tanzania 2007



In 2007, an even bigger team of theatre artists and educators conducted five two-week playwriting and theatre workshops for 100 students from the Akeri School, Nshupu School and Nkoanrua School in Tanzania. Students from the 2006 workshops were given a second opportunity to participate in advanced workshops, culminating in a series of performances of five original plays performed for the village communities.

ITLP's 2007 team of US teaching artists consisted of:

   Erika Christensen - director
   Jeanette Horn - veteran ITLP teaching artist, actress, director, writer, arts educator
   Kerry Glamsch - actor, director, arts educator
   Liz Sherman - actress, performance artist, director
   Marianna Houston - actress, playwright, arts educator
   Michael Babel - social activist, theatre artist
   Mina Hartong - actress, playwright, arts educator
   Nancy Fales Garrett - director, actress, arts educator
   Nilaja Sun - actress, playwright, arts educator
   Nora Stillman - actress, Education Director of TEAM Theatre Company in Dublin, Ireland
   Stephen DiMenna - director, arts educator