Tanzania 2008



ITLP forged a partnership with the Fine & Performing Arts Department at the University of Dar es Salaam to deepen and expand the ITLP mission in Tanzania.

The University agreed to provide Tanzanian theatre artists to work alongside US theatre artists in the ITLP 2008 Summer program to build local capacity to continue to use theatre in education.

That summer, five Tanzanian theatre arts students from U of Dar were selected to work with the US teaching artists.

ITLP Teaching Artists:

   Dion Graham - TV, film & stage actor, arts educator
   Elissa Adams - dramaturg, Director of New Play Development at Children's Theatre of Minneapolis
   Eric Booth - actor, writer, nationally recognized arts education scholar & practitioner
   James Williams - TV, film & stage actor, arts educator
   JD Steele - award-winning gospel singer, music director, arts educator
   Jeanette Horn - veteran ITLP teaching artist, actress, director, writer, arts educator
   Marianna Houston - actress, playwright, arts educator
   Nilaja Sun - returning ITLP TA, actress, playwright, arts educator
   Nora Stillman - returning ITLP TA, actress, Education Director of TEAM Theatre Company in Dublin, Ireland
   Rashaad Ernesto Green - actor, arts educator, filmmaker

University of Dar es Salaam Teaching Artists:

   Fadhila Kihwele
   Gervas Kasiga
   Grace Gachocha
   Issa Athumani
   Neema Henjewele