Car Jack – A Versatile Equipment

A car jack is a specialized mechanical lifting device usually employed to apply strong forces to lift heavy loads. A car jack uses either a threaded screw drive for raising heavy objects or a hydraulic jack uses hydraulic force. The commonest form of car jack is the car jack, garage jacks or floor jacks, which effectively lifts vehicles from the ground.

Car Jack – A Versatile Equipment

The car jacks available in the market are designed differently with many variants. Some variants use counterweights to raise and lower the vehicle whereas others use an electronic mechanism to accomplish the task, which requires more sophisticated machinery. As car jacks stand to be expensive devices, it is necessary that one should consider these factors before buying them.

One of the best places to purchase car jack stands is the internet. There are several online stores that sell jacks of different varieties for lifting vehicles of different types. Some of the common types of jack stands include floor jacks, garage jacks, car jacks, van jacks etc. All these are available at affordable prices online. Apart from price and brand, quality is another important factor while purchasing car jack stands, as low quality jacks may not support weight bearing capacities to the required levels and therefore may not prove beneficial while lifting the desired load.

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