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Wella Professionals in New Zealand are specialists in dental, medical, and allied healthcare offering a comprehensive range of professional consultancy services. Wella Professionals offers the opportunity for high-quality professional development, through the continued education of their staff, continuing professional maintenance of their reputation, and access to the latest medical and healthcare developments. Wella Professionals is committed to building a community understanding of how healthcare and related services work. The professional assistance that Wella provides enables healthcare organizations to make informed decisions about their activities and services, as well as drive up standards, thereby transforming their organization and achieving higher levels of success and satisfaction from their customer base. As part of its marketing strategy, Wella Professionals also works towards ensuring that it builds links with key outside partners, to provide opportunities for greater market reach and improve internal processes.

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Healthcare is a rapidly expanding area of specialization, driven by an aging population, growing healthcare needs, and a focus on long-term healthcare. While these changes have increased the need for specialists in all areas of healthcare, many health practitioners are trained within a discipline which they identify with and could expand into other areas if they were equipped with additional training, knowledge, and skills. Many professionals within Wella Professionals work in fields that may appear to be quite similar to other areas of medicine, without professional accreditation, training, or experience. Some examples of professions in which Wella Professionals can advise include General Practitioner, consultants, administration staff, project managers, consultants, and medical administrative staff. However, even within these different areas, there can be professional differences in the requirements of a role, with some roles requiring more training than others. Visit wella professionals nz for more detailed info!


One such professional is Dental Health Specialist. As a healthcare professional you will need to have completed a two-year Dental Education course, an additional year of Practitioner training, and a year of Practice in order to qualify for this role. You will then need to register with the Health Education Authority (HEO) and complete an approved Practitioner Training Program (PTP) before starting employment as a dental specialist. Some of the HEO courses that you will need to register for include: Pre-Dental Care, Post-Graduate Studies in Dental Surgery, Intermediate Studies in Dentistry, Master of Dental Surgery and Senior Professional Studies in Dental Medicine. In addition to these basic requirements, an additional year of approved Practitioner Training and Practice is required before you can apply for licensing.

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